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Fibreglass roof systems are without doubt the best solution to all flat roofs, garages, bay windows, dormers, balconies and walkways. They can fit literally any shaped roofs, large or small. A fibreglass roof system is totally seamless with no cracks or leaks, no bitumen or stones needed, no moss or lichen growth and strong enough for balconies/walkways.

Fibreglass Roofing Explained

The process involves completely removing your existing roof coverings and old deck boards. Then we lay new exterior grade tongue and groove plywood boards. Once installed, the boards are sealed with a high quality flexi-resin. The next step is to add all the trims and flashings. Once in place, we lay thick fibreglass matting, which when painted with another coat of Flexi resin, creates a hard and durable, watertight laminate surface. The roof is Trusted Fibreglass Roofing then ready for its final top coat which comes in a choice of colours and the option of a non-slip finish for balconies/ walk ways.

It’s the ultimate, long lasting roof system which comes with a 25 year guarantee!!

Flat Roof Before and After

Flat Roof Before Flatroof
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